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Windmill Investments is a private real estate investment company specializing in the identification of undervalued or under-performing properties with strong growth potential. We work with single-family homes, multifamily apartment complexes and commercial offices.

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We use proprietary analysis techniques to identify markets and neighborhoods that have the best combination of low purchase price and rental growth. The properties we select provide both current operational income and robust capital appreciation. We access our strong network of contacts to purchase properties off market, directly from their owners, or on the open market.

As a value added investor, our objective is to minimize overhead and target capital improvements to generate the highest return. We do this by enhancing curb appeal, executing interior upgrades, or when necessary, correcting deferred maintenance and structural faults. Through diligent analysis and conservative investments, we mitigate risks and have consistently delivered superior returns.

Additional key features of Windmill Investments that drive our success are:

  • A core team with extensive experience managing private investments
  • Early access to investment opportunities
  • Internally and externally sourced investment opportunities
  • A rigorous process to identify, underwrite, and manage investments
  • Streamlined oversight and reporting
  • Careful alignment of the interests of general and limited partners
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