Our Philosophy

The success of Windmill Investments is built on our core pillars of trust, performance, minimal risk, and transparency.

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At Windmill Investments, we never take our partners’ trust for granted. We believe that trust must be continually earned. We work to renew our investors’ trust in us, every day, with every interaction.


We value performance, not promises. None of our partners are salaried – our earnings are based on continuously finding, operating, and successfully managing the exit of each investment. And when it comes to realizing performance gains, we put our investors first. We offer cumulative preferred returns so our investors collect their investment profits before we receive payment.

Minimal Risk

Windmill Investments capitalizes on opportunities, but does not engage in risky speculation. We select properties that are cash positive upon investment, or no longer than one year after acquisition. We are a value added investor and take an active role in the management of every asset. We stay abreast of market fluctuations and cap rates to ensure we are always aware of new growth regions and acquisition opportunities.


We are dedicated to transparency among our investors regarding our governance, business model, performance, and fees. To ensure transparency is always a priority, we provide frequent performance evaluations to our partners as compared to baseline investment objectives.

Our policy is to only collect fees after the investors have received their preferred cumulative annual return and upon exit, after investor capital has been fully returned. Windmill Investments rejects the idea of using acquisition, transaction or financing fees as independent profit generation for managers. We have a minimal up-front fee to cover acquisition and direct management expenses, and typically charge 1.75% of revenues to cover out of pocket asset management expenses.

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