Timber Oaks Apartments

Timber Oaks Apartments

Midlothian, TX

Timber Oaks Apartments is a Class A property and was the newest residential apartment complex in Midlothian at the time of acquisition. Located in a bedroom community just 20 minutes south of Dallas, the property offers luxurious amenities but rents were well below market value, providing an opportunity for excellent profit growth.

Property Description

Built in 2010, Timber Oaks is a garden-style apartment community consisting of 180 units in 10 buildings. The property was under-managed by the developer resulting in both rents and occupancy significantly below market levels. Midlothian, TX boasts consistent population and job growth, and by implementing our proven management policies, we quickly captured higher rents and increased occupancy at Timber Oaks. In the first two years of ownership, we increased rents by $85 to $100 per unit, resulting in nearly $5,000,000 in capital appreciation over the first 5 years of ownership.

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